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Paranormal Central®

On the CW 59.1!

Here is a link to 5 of the shows. Please call your local CW to get the show in your area.

Paranormal Central® is Back for another season!! We will be bringing a whole new experience to Paranormal TV!!​

Starting February 11, 2017 Saturday @ 12:00 am Midnight! And running 52 weeks!!

For those not living in Central Calif, see if a station owned by Sinclair Broadcasting broadcasts in your can be ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, The CW or any other station. If they do, call them and tell them to get Paranormal Central from their sister station in Fresno Calif.

Here is a list of stations owned by Sinclair;

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complete first season of Paranormal Central® (TV Series). 

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Paranormal central®

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