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Paranormal Central

Watch as Jeffrey Gonzalez talk about the latest Paranormal news, locally, and from around the world 
with Casey Evans reporting and interviewing the most interesting witnesses. ‚ÄčThese guys are not just talk show hosts, they are also Paranormal Investigator's. Founding the Sanger Paranormal Society in 2003, this has allowed the team to come up close and personal with the paranormal.
Watch them as they show evidence that no one else can get because of their 24 hrhotline. 559-287-8367(UFOS). Watch as they interview the most popular people on TV including Paranormal Authors.   Don"t miss out!!!

Paranormal Central is looking for a home on TV, Netflix, Amazon or any other network who see's the potential in this show. With no budget, no one backing us, we are doing all this ourselves. You imagine with a budget, a production team. The CW in Fresno Calif. liked our show concept, they offered us Saturday night's at 12 Midnight on The CW 59 at no charge to us.... so we took it... its time to stop giving away free content and find a permanent home. Any takers ?  Look at our numbers on YouTube, they don't lie...   or 559-287-8367 . In December 2017, we will be filming a pilot, do you want to see it? Let me know.....  Jeffrey Gonzalez - Host   look at our numbers below